•   Hey whatsup guys its tirth here and todayas per the title guys I will be showing you on how you can play pubg mobile in 90 FPSyes you heard right finally pubg has given us the option to play pubg mobile in 90 FPSso if you have any higher refresh rate display like 90hz or 120hz guys then.

  •  you can expectthis update to soon come to your devices but guys there is a catch as of now only one plusdevices like there has been a collaboration with oneplus and pubg mobile so that's .

  • why pubg is giving this high FPS 90 FPS option ?

  •  in only selected oneplus devices so oneplusdevices like the one plus 8 Pro oneplus 8 oneplus 7t and oneplus 7 Pro so basicallyall these devices have a higher refresh rate display as well as the oneplus nord so oneplusnord will get this update in a couple of days but as of now with we have this 4 deviceswhich will get this update and today luckily .


  • I have oneplus 7t with me so I will show youthat option on how you can enable it if you have any of this a few devices how you canplay pubg mobile in 90fps so do image till the end and I also make sure you et the started image so firstly guys as I told you that this is only supported on specific oneplusdevices and this is a oneplus 7t which .

  • I have right now and this one has that 90 hertz displayso I have that option enabled in my pubg mobile So ya so firstly i will just open pubg mobilequickly and I will show.

  •  you that option if you have any one plus devices like oneplus7t oneplus 8 or 8 Pro or the nord also you can enable that a very easily just make sureyou update the game through Google Play Store make sure your updated to the latest versionso in the settings where is as you guys you can see in the graphics settings here as yousee this is the option .

  • which I am talking about so it is only available in smooth soif you're going to HDR then only extreme is that means 60fps HDR extreme Its not availableit is not available but if you're going smooth you get the option of 90 FPS so this is reallya great option .

  • I should say like it is really helpful you can completely utilise the fullpotential of this such powerful devices which Have a 90 hertz display so right now I haveset it to 90 FPS I can immediately feel the difference guys but you might not be ableto see it like a visibly because the on Bloger only 60fps image is supported so this has been shot in 1080 p 60fps but the game is right now in 90 FPS as you can see themotion is really smooth .

  •  I can really see the difference with my own eyes so guys the furthergameplay i will be switching onto screen recording so that you guys can experience the wholegame play in full quality and you can see for yourself how the game actually look andalso make sure .

  •  you watch the image of and full resolution that is 1080 p 60fps So guys that'sabout it for the short and simple image on how you can play pubg mobile in 90 FPS andthis is really a great collaboration .

  • I would say and this option will be coming to everyother device which has a high refresh rate display so it will be available in a coupleof weeks I guess every phone which has 90 or 120 hertz of refresh rate will get thisoption and guys if you are thinking how you can get it on your mobile then sadly .

  •  ldon'tthink like on a normal 60hz display you can enjoy this option even if you use gfx toolthen to you will not get this experience you need to have this 90 hertz display screenthen only you can experience this so thats about it for .

  • this short and simple image Ihope you guys like this image if you like it then please do hit the like button downbelow and also do get follow my site to my for more awesome content this is your boy here from tirth signing of you guys have a great day. 

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