Pubg mobile patch report - update 8.1 (2020)

  • A new season has begunand brings with it a lot of new content, including the newly remasteredisland of Sanhok! For the last two years,Sanhok has provided players with a more compact wayto experience Battle Royale. 

  • And together our older maps, we felt it had been time to beat the placeand add some fun new elements. From the Ruins to the Cave,Sanhok has been rebuilt from the bottom up to update its visuals, balance,and performance. 

  • variety of familiar locationshave been reworked to strengthen what's fun about them, while mitigating a number of the pain points. And a few are completely newto this updated vision of Sanhok. you'll inspect a full listof changed areas in our Patch Notes. Driving the lonely roads of Sanhokis a fresh way for players to fix .

Pubg mobile patch report 8.1

  • The new Loot Truck spawns in oneof several garages round the island and travels random roads until taken down. Players persistent enoughto pierce its heavy armor are going to be rewarded with loot boxesthat drop from it and therefore the lucky fewwho can disable the truck are going to be rewardedwith its full cache of drugs .

  • Gear includes level 3 equipment, basic weaponswith attachments already slotted, and even specially kitted weaponsskinned from Sanhok's past.

  •  The Loot Truck isn't easy to prevent though, so be able to hit it with all you've gotwhen the chance arises. to assist take down the Loot Truck, the Panzerfaust can now be found on Sanhokin world loot and Care Packages.   

  • You'llevenhave a chanceto find the Motor Glider at the new Airfield location.  

  • Addsome fire to your fuelwith improved Gas Cans, making their revised debut this update. 

  • On top of fixing the functionalitythat delayed them, we've also touched up fuel puddle visualsto make them more realistic.

  • Pour out gas to line a fiery trap or simply toss the entire thing at an enemyand light it up! Accompanying the updated mapis Survivor Pass: Payback, supplying you with plenty of great new skins to earnas you explore the forgotten paradise. 

  • As always, your missions earn you XP towards completingyour Survivor Pass collection. And this season you'll earn even more XPjust by playing the sport .

  •  a replacement Season of Ranked Modealso starts with this update.

  •  You'll start by completingyour placement matches once more to work out your initial Season 8 rankbefore your climb begins.

  •  another addition to Ranked Modethis season, Vikendi has been addedto the random map rotation, giving players a further islandto explore while earning their RP. That about does it for this Patch Report. 

  • But you'll inspect the Patch Notesto see everything in additional detail. Season 8 is simply getting started, so drop by todayand inspect everything new. SEASON 8 RETURN TO SANHOK.


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