Ps5 & -Xbox -series x - setup ! (2020)

  • Hello and welcome to theultimate gaming, streaming, and recording battle station.

  • So, thanks to our good friends at LG who have very kindly sponsored this blog,we're about to build a setup which is not only ready for PC games, but also for the nextgeneration of consoles.

  • So, Wes, it starts outwith the LG OLED 65GX, which is not only one oftheir highest-end OLEDs but also it's one of theones with the flush mount, so it almost looks likeone of the wallpaper TVs.

  • But beyond that, we're completely renovatingthis part of the office. - Yeah. So we've already gone ahead and we've replaced the boring white wall with slightly

  • less boring artificial wood. - It looks good. You dida good job with this. - No one has to know it'sartificial wood, it's real.

  • So essentially what we're going to do is we're gonna mount the TV up here, we're gonna move prettymuch everything here.

PS 5

  • What we wanna do with this setup is have everything run into our OLED. But the idea is that this setupshould be completely ready for the PS5 and theSeries X later this year.

  • And then we'll have, probablyon this piece of furniture, we'll have where all of the consoles sit, and then they'll allbe routed into the TV. - Correct, and we will actuallybe here holding up the TV with our hands just likewe're holding it up right now. - So one of the nice things about the 65GX is that it comes with itsown wall mount bracket.

  • Now, unlike most TVs where you would use just a standard VESA mount and then you would drill it into the wall, this is actually meantto be a flush mount.

  • So if you've seen theLG wallpaper OLED TVs, it's something kind of similar, in that there should be pretty much no gap between the TV and the wall, which is great 'cause gonnalook awesome for our setup.

  • But the downside is thatwe need to make sure before we drill it in and startbuilding the entire setup, that we know exactly whereeverything is going to go, including all of our cables.

  •   [Wes] And not only is thisgonna hold the whole TV up, I believe it's actually only two bolts that slide into there.

  • This whole thing pops outafter it's mounted on the wall. You then sort of click the TV in and you sandwich thewhole thing up against it.

  • - Including 4k, 120 frames per second. Including, obviously, all theexcellent picture quality, the contrast. As far as I'm concerned, this is about the bestpossible TV we could have here.

  • So this TV not only has FreeSync but it also supports G-SYNC,the very first TV to do that. 
  • One moment, please. One of the nice things about the GX, is it really does haveall the gaming features that we want for the setup. So, of course, not onlydoes it have HDMI 2.1 thanks to that a9 processor, which means that we get4K, 120 frames per second. But also we have a bunch of things including not only FreeSyncbut also NVIDIA G-SYNC, the first time that hasactually come to a TV.

  • So no matter if we're pluggingin the latest consoles, the next-gen consoles, or,of course, a gaming PC, you can get the most out of the TV.

  • It also has a very low responsetime right out of the box, and it has support for thingslike auto low latency mode, which especially for thosenext-generation consoles is going to be really important. As essentially the console cansay, "Hey, I’m playing a game," the TV will automatically go to game mode, 

  • automatically go to the quickest latency. So no matter what you'replaying you're going to get the best experience right out of the box. It is really cool to see these TVs with things like filmmakermode as well as game mode, so they can automatically takeadvantage of the best modes and the best sort of framerates and everything, for whatever content thatyou wanna watch or play.

  • Especially once we havethe entire setup, well, (coughs) up to date. (coughs) Once we have that alldone, this'll be great. And we have a desk here. But this is so cool to have.

  • The display hung up. Itlooks so cool on the wall. Obviously, we'll hide these cables. We'll have our PC, whichwe're still building, and then we'll have all ofthis sort of nicely done. I'm really excited.

  • This is gonna be a killersetup for streaming, for gaming, for movies, and, of course, for chilling. Are we gonna chill? Are we're gonna just OLED and chill?

  •  [Wes] We can, like, hang out? - What does that? Hang out? - Relax and stuff.- You mean watch stuff, not for a blog? We're just watching contentand playing games for fun? I don't think we do that here.

  • Obviously, feel free to gocheck out the wonderful GX TV at.
  • And huge shout out to LGfor sponsoring this and enabling us to buildthe ultimate setup.

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