JBL Quantum 300 & 200 vs. Corsair HS50! Gaming Headphone Showdown.

  • So today we are going to compare JBLs newQuantum 200 and 300 with Corsair’s HS50 Gaming headphone to see if these new competitorscan dethrone this very popular choice in 4 to 5 thousand rupees price segment. 

  • And if you didn’t know, the JBL Quantum200 and 300 are the same headphones with the only difference between them being the additionof USB adapter with the 300 instead of a simple splitter with the cheaper model. Hey guys, I am Siddharth, and let’s getstarted. 

  • So coming to the design and build, JBL Quantum300 has a completely plastic construction with glossy finish which I don’t like, itdoesn’t feel fragile, but I till wouldn’t want to drop it.

  •  It still manages to look nice though, as itdoes have some modern minimalist thing going on to it.

  •  The Corsair HS50 is built better as it hasstrong metal used in construction which has held up very well with time, the fake grilledsides on earpads look better than glossy plastic, and the soft padding on the headband alsocovers it completely with this nice cross stitched pattern. 

JBL Quantum 300

  • One advantage that JBL Quantum does offeris 90 degree swivel for the earcups, which will let you put it around your neck likethis, but overall I still think that Corsair HS50 has the edge here. 

  • The JBL Quantum mic can be flipped, whichalso mutes it, and while you can position it correctly, it’s not very easy to adjust. HS50 microphone is also non detachable, itdoesn’t flip up to mute, but adjusting and positioning it is very easy with this nicemetal tube. 

  • Both headphones feature a volume wheel toadjust the volume, and HS50 has a mic mute button under it as it’s not a flip up tomute. JBL Quantum 300 is a very comfortable headphonewith these deep memory foam earpads, it does get a little hot with time as it forms a verytight seal around your head, but it is not a big problem.

  •  The HS50 are also comfortable to wear forlong periods, but since their ear pads aren’t that deep, they may lose their firmness overtime,and then your ears would touch the sides of the earcups, so while overall it is great,the JBL could hold up better with time as it doesn’t have a design that touches yourears. 

  • HS50’s cable is thicker and more conventional,but both cables shouldn’t get damaged easily. And now this is what the microphone on HS50sounds like, and I personally think that it is better than the mic on JBL, but let meknow which one you like more in the comments section below. 

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  • JBL Quantum 300 does offer a USB adapter,which is an extra over Quantum 200 if you decide to spend 1000 Rs. more, but unlessyour PC has a bad headphone or microphone jack, I don’t think there is an advantageof getting it, because the surround sound features they advertise don’t actually workwell, so I would not use the personally. 

  • Now coming to the sound quality, both of theseheadphones are great overall, but different people might prefer different things. The JBL Quantum 300 has a really nice bass,it is a V shaped sound signature, but the bass is still tight and punchy, while on theHS50, the bass is kind of over exaggerated and a little muddy in comparison. 

  • But coming to mids and highs, that’s whereI feel like the HS50 are better. The JBL Quantum have a very exaggerated uppertreble range, and there is a treble spike which can make electronic music and drumsharsh sounding. The gunshots while playing games are alsoa little too piercing for me, so I personally like HS50 more, because from mid to high range,they have a more balanced sound signature, and I find it to be better for gaming as gunshotsaren’t as piercing, and then for music and movies, these are of course better.

  •  The soundstage on the JBL is wider, and itcan help you in finding out the direction of action while playing games, so that isnice, but the sound stage on Corsair is also not bad, but it’s just a more intimate presentationof sound, so overall both of these headphones have different characters. 

  • I personally like the sound of Corsair HS50more as I don’t like boosted treble, but the JBL does have tighter bass and wider soundstage,so if you prefer those qualities, and don’t mind a treble spike you could go with it.

  •  So overall, I think Corsair HS50 has an edgeover JBL Quantum in more areas, it has a better construction, the microphone is better, andI also like the sound more personally.

  •  But the JBL could also be a good option foryou if you really want that tight bass or if you want a wider soundstage at the expenseof a treble spike that I wasn’t able to correct with equalizer.

  • So let me know which one of these you likemore in the comments section below, and I’ll have links to buy both of these in the blog. 

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