How to survive Call of duty - trip & tricks 2020

  •  you may be expecting someone tointroduce me but i'm not like all the other guys solet me introduce myself i'm tirth top one player in the worldfor several.

  •  seasons and in this series i'm taking you through the toughestcombats i've ever faced with the purpose of helping you win mostofyour fights while offering.

  •  you the most valuabletips and tricks you'll ever find sit downrelax and enjoy well well well this time i've jumped abit late from the airplane but.

  •  i still want to give it a try if idon't find a weapon straight away i'll just jump offnah totally not worth risking in here i think there's somebody in there alreadyat this point i can only pray to find a good weapon in that glute box right.

  •  i suppose you're gonna shootbefore even to react on that my health is low and i have no vest hmmmaybe if i turn right 90 degrees slide and then shoot at him i have a chance tosurvive let's find out nice one buddy what gets me a bitworried is the fact that i'm fighting right next to the platformwhich means anyone.

  •  who's gonna jump from there will have good accessories on theirweapons adrenaline and vests and i'm practicallyone bullet away from death need to find something to heal and fast huh this one was easy now.

How to survive in Call of duty

  •  i have toprepare and receive his teammates for as long as they're gonna come one byone there's nothing to worry about it's not worth to shoot at the helicopter now he's not a threat for mebetter take care of that little bot in there.

  •  i said little bot but look at thathe almost killed me i don't know what call of duty plan to do with these botsthey should be used just as a supply source of itemsnot to give you that much amount of damage. call of duty we all know thatthese are bots and we all want more real playersi know your developers are watching me and i wouldn't be more happy if youcould do something about that thanks in advance! don't worry i'm coming for you, youshould have escaped while.

  •  you still had time i don't even want to talk about whatjust happened this is bad very bad i fall into histrap master i could lay down and shoot him from thatposition or jump and use hip fire anyway i need to execute him beforehe gives me any extra damage and need to take care of not touchingthat trap master again.

  •  i have to say well played boy it's not hard to survive to trap mastersif you're 150 hp the thing is that you must localize andshoot that guy before his trap master cause you toomuch damage faster you find and kill him the biggerchances.

  •  you have to survive but take care he cannot cause you morethan 51 hp damage because the trap master itself takes you98 hp if possible make use of your class tosave your life this was easy i'm gonna spend some timearound here maybe the comrades will show up in here good stuff though.

  •  i was really needed icould change the smrs but i'm quite enjoying it aha here we go they've just dropped the airbornei'm almost sure they're gonna come in here there we go i can hear his footsteps already look at him i've never in my life saw aplayer running that fast let me end his mission.

  •  i give up on you i want to stick around this tank for a whilei have a feeling this isn't going to be the only one who wants itthey want to hunt the tank and i want to hunt them,perfect combination for as long as i can run perpendicularwith his bullet trajectory.

  •  i shouldn't care that much about thatguy let me use my adrenaline and i'll take care of you i've never done a one versus one withanother tank so far i'm curious how it'll end easy busy i could just use that tank but who needsit the victory will be too easy i'll show you the results of that matchin a while but first i want you to see something interestingyou see that tank right?

  •  so far no one is around him not even on top of it nowpay attention suddenly someone is driving him and it'snot the first time it's happening to me be aware there are players campinginside the tanks and when they spot.

  •  you they won't gonnathink twice to get a victory over you take it as a warning or take it as astrategy to win the match either way hope you become the bestversion of yourself using my knowledges soldiers my mission ends here after allof this crazy combats and after all this speechi'm feeling thirsty.

  •  i would appreciate it if you buyme a drink link on the description below i was number tirth  one player in the world for severalseasons let me know if you have enjoyed my lessons andtips and tricks to bring you more. Cheers Mate! you 

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