How to play PS 5 on your phone ! (2020)

  • Right after making someofficial announcements for the PlayStation 5,Sony has also just released the 7.0 update forPlayStation 4 which has two very important changesto one specific feature, remote play.

  •  First off is the fact thatremote play has now finally made its way to Android devices. 

  • Whenn remote play was firstintroduced for Sony in general, it was something you couldonly use with specific Sony products like PlayStation Vitaor the Sony line of phones and earlier this year itmade its way to iOS devices which you could use on iPad and iPhone, but the immediate questionpeople had when that opened up is, when are we gonna beable to do it on Android? And the answer is finally now.

  • Now the way this all works is very simple, you just have to make surethat your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro isupdated to 7.0 update and then on your Android device download the remote play app.

  •  Once you've done that, allyou have to do is log in to your account and bam,you will be connected to your PlayStation. 


  • One important thing to noteis that it does connect to your primary system, soif you own multiple PS4's, make sure that the oneyou wanna connect to is marked as your primary. 

  • Once you've done that, you're good to go. Every time you login toremote play from your phone or other Android device,you'll be able to play your PS4 remotely and this is anywhere. 

  • It'snot like just somethingwhere you have to be on the same Wi-Fi and you'rewithin the same household, you can leave yourPlayStation 4 Pro at home, hooked up to the internet,leave it in sleeping mode and then anytime you wantwhere you've got a good enough connection, youcan remote play through your Android device. 

  • Now, how well this runsvaries a little bit based on how good your internetconnection is as well as what system you're running. If you have a regularPS4 you're gonna tap out at 720p resolution, whereaswith a PS4 Pro you do have the option to do 1080p instead.

  • As for the actual experienceof using remote play once you're all set up,it's actually really smooth. Again, Wi-Fi plays a veryimportant role in this, but if your connection isstrong enough so you don't experience things likedropped frames or anything, it's actually really cool.

  • So you actually have twodifferent ways of playing. One option is to have yourphone in portrait mode and while you're doing that,all the touchscreen controls are gonna be on the bottomwhile the regular image is squished on the very top. 

  • And the upside of thisis that while you do have a smaller screen to workwith, your thumbs are never covering the actual action,which depending on the game is very important. Something that is reallyimportant to know about this too is that because you arerelying on touch controls for a lot of these games,how well it works depends a bit on what game you're playing. 

  • Certaintitles are just gonnamake themselves a little easier to play on thego with the touchscreen. For instance, right nowI'm playing "Spider-Man" and I can do well enoughto navigate the city and do some basic levelfighting, but it gets a little tough when I wanna dothings like press R2, X, move a stick and just domultiple commands all at once when it's on a shared touchscreen.

  •  It works, but it'sdefinitely better for simpler action games or especiallyanything that gives you a more kinda turn-based set up. ♪ Spider-Man ♪ ♪ This is not the best game showcase ♪ ♪ But it's workin' just enough ♪ (dramatic music) Now you can also hold thephone sideways and the big upside of this is you're gonnasee a lot more of the screen. It's gonna be a lot clearer. 

  • The downside though istouchscreen controls are now going to overlap. So depending on the game you're playing, you might not find that tobe a preferred experience because you're putting yourthumbs on top of things that are going on, but itdefinitely looks a lot better 'cause you're actually filling the screen as opposed to having thatone little smoshed image that you have in portrait mode. 

  • Now the other big aspectof this update isn't just what devices support remoteplay, but also remote play allows you to use becausenow you officially have the option to use aDualShock 4 controller, provided that you're runningthe latest OS for Android or iOS, specifically iOS 13or iPad OS 13 and Android 10. 

  • Now with iOS this means thatany fairly recent iPhone or iPad you own will be able to make use of the DualShock 4 in remote play. Android, sadly, is alittle more limited because Android 10 isn't availableon quite as many devices so it's gonna be alimited sub-set of them, such as the Pixel. 

  • Now if you do have the ability to make use of a DualShock 4, I highly recommend it. It not only keeps the samekind of feeling experience as using the PlayStation 4,but it is really, really, really easy to do. 

  • If  you've never used yourDualShock 4 with another system before, it's actuallypretty easy to set up. All you have to do is grabyour controller and hit the PlayStation button and theshare button at the same time and hold those for a few seconds. 

  • After you do that, thelight bar is gonna start to flash a couple timesrapidly and it's ready to pair to other Bluetooth devices. So from that point, allyou have to do is go to the relevant Androiddevice or iOS device settings, find Bluetooth, find theDualShock 4 controller in there, click it and you're connected. Once you've done that, anytimeyou start up remote play while the controller's connected,it just immediately works. 

  • One of the really impressivethings about this, is there really isn'tthat heavily noticeable of an input delay. You'd think that playing on aPS4 that's in another location connected to the internetwith another device, with a wireless controllerhooked up to it would have some kind of huge inputlag, really doesn't at all. There's a tiny bit ofcoarse, but it's not enough to really negatively impact gameplay.

  •  I wouldn't recommend tryingto do maybe a competitive online shooter in thissituation, but if you're just doing a single-player gameyou like to mess around in or just something that's alittle more calm and relaxing, super easy, seamless experience. And a good way toshowcase this is the fact that the PlayStation I'mplaying on right now, my primary PS4, is not in this room. 

  • It's not here in the office. It's back at my home. So, this is nowherenear where the system is and yet I'm playing on it perfectly fine. This is honestly so cool because the fact that you can take thePlayStation 4 you already own, controller you alreadyhave and then take a phone or tablet you alreadyown and you just have a new portable way to experience your PS4.

  •  Again, I think the constant disclaimer here to keep in mind is that your experiencewill vary based on the Wi-Fi available, but if youhave a strong enough Wi-Fi connection, this is amazingand I think it's a really good kinda preview of whata lot of PlayStation's competitors are gonna startmessing with like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud.

  • Now to be clear, PS4 remoteplay is not the exact same thing as what Stadia andxCloud are trying to do, although it shares alittle bit with xCloud. But the experience is very much the same, this idea of having anon-the-go device that is not actually running the game you're playing, but is instead connecting to it remotely and letting you have that experience.

  •  Now, the importantdifference in comparison here is that Google Stadia,instead of having you use a device you already own,like in this case with the PS4 Pro, Stadia is having youconnect to their own dedicated servers, which is kind ofinteresting 'cause it's the idea that you're payingfor a service that you don't have to own the hardware forso there's not that initial buying price.

  •  The xCloud from Microsofton the other hand is actually both of the services combined. You're supposed to be ableto play on the Xbox One, Xbox One X or futureProject Scarlett Xbox, whatever they call that,remotely if you'd like or you can instead notown any of those systems in the first place andmaking use of Microsoft's own servers, play xCloud on the go that way. And you know, revisitingremote play and thinking about what it is exactlyStadia and xCloud are trying to accomplish makes methink again, about kind of the benefits and merits of each approach and it really does reinforcethis feeling I have of remote play and xCloudjust make more sense to me than Stadia does.

  •  Stadia is interesting inconcept that if you've never owned a game system before,if you've access to nothing else previously and you justwanna start trying out games and use whatever device you have on hand, that's kind of neatand interesting because you're starting a library from scratch. 

  • But, if you've been playinggames a while and this idea of being able to accessthem on-the-go with a phone is cool to you, it's thisreally weird feeling to think, oh I already own all thesegames on my PlayStation. 

  • I already own all these games on the Xbox, whether it's on my systeminstalled or just something I have the rights to. Where Stadia is again, kindathis fresh starting point where you have to buythese games all over again.

  •  And that to me is a super hugestrength from the standpoint of someone who has been a lifelong gamer because when I look atthese different services coming out, I am much morelikely to maybe not even focus on the ones that usetheir own dedicated servers and instead just be like,oh, yeah I already have this game on my PS4 and I wannaplay it while I'm on-the-go. 

  • I can do that right now. And in the future when xCloud comes out, I'm very likely gonna makeuse of games I already own and play them using xCloud'sown servers or connect to my Xbox One X on-the-go. Depending on how thosekind of features differ, which we'll find that out oncethat service actually exists. 

  • This to me is a superimportant edge and it's not necessarily that mymind is totally made up about which one's gonnabe the best service absolutely, because that's crazy. They're not actually all out yet, but once they are, I'm curiousto see how the experience on each of them is going toeither confirm or completely change my mind. 

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