Call of duty trips and tricks in 2020

  •  you may be expecting someone tointroduce me, but I'm not like all the other guys, so let me introduce myself.

  •  I'm tirth, top one player in the worldfor several seasons and I'm risking my life teaching you and how to become apro player in a matter of days, giving you the most valuable tips and tricksyou'll ever find... sit down, relax and enjoy. 

Call of duty trips and tricks 2020

  •  Let's say that you're inan open field like this, even if you want or not, before you get blind by theshields flash you gonna have a picture on your mind of the last thing you sawbefore the flash.

  •  in this situation you have to be fast and if you have enoughspace, the best thing to do is to slide left and right until your sight comeback to normal.

  •  Now let's test this on a real defenderuser! At this moment I could shoot him butbecause he didn't cause me any damage until now, I will keep sliding a bit moreand wait for him to finish his.

  •  then he needs to take a break and reloadand here my comrade is where you gonna finish him. 

  • I don't want to kill him yet cause I needto show you how to survive in a closed space as well, come with me! now because I'm in a closed space Icannot risk and slide because it may not work as expected, but what I can do inexchange is jump left and right same as in an open space, jumped left andright until you get back your sight and by that time.

  •  your enemy have to reloadhis weapon as well and you already know what you have to do next! If you watch closer I'm using a tacticalflash to blind him as well. 

  • If it happens to have a tactical flashlight on yourweapon while fighting a defender class user in a closed space, you can scope inand scope out just to blind him but don't shoot your bullets yet until youcan spot your target. 

  • If you're a defender class player yourself just useyour shield as soon as you get blinded by your opponent.

  •  Those two techniques are most efficientand deadly from all of them, and if you use them properly I guarantee you thedefender class lovers will have some hard days against you. 

  • now let's watch all ofthis from the enemy perspective! if you have enjoyed these tips andtricks I have more for you check this video description now let's go and havea look on some gameplays of mine where I'll give you more tips and tricksaccording to the circumstances Sunny outside, my thermometer indicates a temperature of32 degrees Celsius and the wind speed no more than 7 km per hour, it'sa perfect day for me.

  •  There's no platform then I'll start my journey landing onkill house, hope I can find some fresh meat straight away. sweet ak47, vest and adrenaline whatelse could I ask for!? ahh those little BOTS they're gettingannoying! I hear steps inside that room bestoption get on the roof. 

  • I'm up in here buddyhold this one for me! two of them gone, another two alive, let'ssearch for them! okie-dokie I bet this guy got really scared. 

  • Now inhere we have a little problem... I don't know if this guy is a trickster player orif they're two players using the same character, either way I don't want torisk, need to get out of danger and rethink my strategy! Confirmed, they'retwo different players, how do I know that? simple...they both are shooting to me, one with an ak-47 and the other with pdw-57.

  •  Hes shots are pretty decent. Ah it was agirl, she proves that girls can hit hard as well...don't underestimate them my comrades.

  •  Now that guy is doing a mistake, he had32 seconds before the revival flight. The right thing to do was to search for me and tryto eliminate me, and after he eliminated the danger he could go and help hispartner or scan the dog tags.

  •  In some cases it's better to leave your teammateto die while trying to eliminate the danger or wait the danger to go away andthen go for his dog tags, rather than engaging to a fight that you know you'regonna lose it. 

  • Yeah we have a few snipers to the party I've told you, I'm gonna spend some timearound the crate maybe someone will come for the dog tags.

  •  I don't want to stay behind one wallonly don't wanna make it easy for that sniper. 

  • there he is I'm gonna try to be asaccurate as I can and give him a big amount of damage straightaway to makehim concern about his life and then while he's healing himself I'm gonna tryto approach and execute him it was one bullet away from death if youlike my accuracy I'll leave a link on this video description to a playlist ofmine with everything you need to be as accurate as I amdon't miss it.

  •  Hmm this time is a bit more cloudy the temperatures still thesame but the speed is now up to 14 km/h I have a few minutes to finish thismission and get out of here before starting to rain.

  • By the way would be nice if call of duty developers could add different seasonsand climatic events such as rain, snow, cloudy weather or fog, what do you thinkabout that soldiers? let me know in the comments below.

  •  I can't hit that one from here I'm looting but always keep my eyes andturn around to see what's happening in my surroundings, don't want to besurprised there's a full squad in there, alsonotice the red colored car... mmm so far so good just keep that in mind! two squads at the terminal chip thiswill be fire. 

  • really mate, you made it too easy for me. Hey can someone give me a ride as well Iswear I'll hold my fire!? I guess I have to manage myself gettinginto the zone. 

  • remember this car they left it behind also notice this crate must be probablysomeone they've killed on their way and because of that I suppose they headedthat way as in there .

  • where I'm going too hmm those ones seem to be from adifference squad always when surprised from behind slideand jump while localizing your enemy I'm not a sniper player but the zone isclosing into an open field and if so is always recommended to have a sniper ifthey find an fhj on those crates.

  •  I must probably use that but if notsniper is my best option the thing is that when I'm using asilencer no one knows where I'm shooting from and I'm kind of safe from anotherplayer's on the other hand if .

  • I were shooting with a long barrel given thefact that we are into a small zone everyone would be aware of my positionand I don't want that to happen even though someone had already checkedthe airdrop check it as well most of the times the best they left behind it'sbetter than yours and sometimes you can even find a brand new vest plus anotheraccessories for your weapon that one is jumping like a cricketbetter.

  • i leave that one for now and take care of the closer one at the end the sniper was useful forsomething you know what I have two more enemies left if the last one alive willbe the one that has a pistol I'll kill him with my knife just to make it fair soldiers my mission ends here after allthis speech I would appreciate if you buy me a drinkI was Narco, number one in the world for several seasons let me know if you haveenjoyed my tips and tricks to bring you more cheers mate. 

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