•  Let's do it stop watch is now on and as you can see the battery is fully charged I have just unpluged it from the charger PUBG graphic is set to HDR and frame rate is set to extreme and style is set to movie X mode is on and as .


  • you can see on game genie brightness is maxedout and locked to aviod automatict brightness reduction and realtime info is also activated to see what is going on in real time and calls and alerts are disabled to avoid interuption during testing and for audo i have also downloaded a HD Audio file therefore audio is also maxed out Asus Rog phone 2 and the PUBG mobile both are totally maxed out Now allow me to set a few things and now .

  •  it is gameplay time After first 15 minutes of PUBG Gameplay the battery is at 96% and temperature is at 39 degree Celsius after half-hour gameplay the battery is at 92% and the phone temperature is 40 degree Celsius one hour later the battery is at 82% and the phone temperature is still stuck at 40 degree Celsius Let me tell you about the game play the game play is super smooth And the air triggers are amazing No lags no shuttering nothing only buttery-smooth gameplay  .

  • Now after one and a half hours of gameplay the battery is at 73% and the temperature is again at 40 degree Celsius after 2 hours of PUBG gameplay the battery is at 62% and the phone temperature is 43 degree Celsius And again no lag PUBG is running smoothly without any issue And everything is maxed out display brightness is also at 600 nits .

  •  it is not easy to run all these at Max setting for a portable mobile device without heating too much This only means Asus Rog phone 2 has outstanding cooling efficiency and after two and a half hours of PUBG gameplay the battery is at 52% and the temperature is dropped to 40 degree Celsius because the previous match is over now and I am playing in a new match after 2 hours 35 minutes of PUGB Gamepay the phone battery is at 50% ( half discharged ) After 3 hours of nonstop PUBG gameplay .

  •  the phone battery is at 42% and phone temperature is 39 degree Celsius and again gameplay is super smooth even after 3 hour of continuous gameplay but still, no lag or any kind of performance issue but some times FPS is going down ( 45 fps to 40 fps ) but this drop is not that huge to fell any kind of shuttering And three and half hour later I don't know how and why but PUBG has crashed at 32% battery and this is why I am relaunching this game and that is why my phone has this nice 38-degree Celsius temperature after 4 hours of intence PUBG gameplay battery is at 21% and .

  •  my phone temperature is at 39 degree celsius according to me, this phone has one of the best heat dissipation system because PUBG Mobile is running for a while now and I want to remind you again PUBG is completely maxed out graphic is set to extrem and my rog phone 2 is also maxed out even though this phone don't have any aero active cooler attached to it but sill .

  •  it's running very well under this kind of heavy without any doubt i have to say tempreture control unit of this phone is amazing thanks to its vapor chamber a massive advantage this phone has and because of that my phone is not heating that much and after 4 hours and 30 minute phone battery is now at 10% and the temperature is at 41 degree celsius now my phone is about to die let see how much time we have left it is almost 4 hour and 52 minute and the phone battery is at 3% and the temperature is at 42-degree celsius now I am thinking can rog phone 2 hit 5 hour now after 4 hour and 57 minutes of extreme testing rog phone 2 battery is at 1% and the temperature is 42 degree celsies and in any moment it will die let see how much time we have left and battery draining is almost 20% each hour 10% in every 30 minute I am counting every single second can rog phone 2 hit 5 hour and the answer is no this is the moment of truth guys .

  •  my phone is shutting down as you can see after 4 hour 57 minutes and 25 seconds battery is completly dead so friends we can play PUBG at extreme HDR for almost ( Maximum )5 hours continuously overall not bad because Rog hone 2 was maxedout and the display brightness was at 600 nits every single setting was set to their peak so of you turn down the brightness .

  •  you will get better battery life finally i want to say this phone performed really well the peak temperature of this phone was 43-degree celsius which is really good for 5 hours long gampelay and dont forget this phone has overclocked CPU and GPU which means it has more performance compared to other 855+ Chip but also consumes more power and the display has 600 nits of brightness and it is true 10 bit pannel and that is why it is capable to show 1 billion colors and it is not easy to run all those continuesly which finally causes a lot of heat play this game in a normal phone and you will know what I mean right now my phone doesn't have any aero active cooler but still phone is performing really well for me because this phone has a vapor chamber to dissipate heat more effectively but it is winter ( now ) so I think if I will do this exact test in summer result may change for now gameplay was very nice PUBG is running very smoothly .

  •  I never had this kind of experience before very fast very smooth no lag rocksolid gameplay and this phone is a gaming Beast I don't know if any other phone can outperform this phone at this price point so I think Asus Rog Phone 2 is the best Phone in the Market right now for Gaming and for media consumption as wall well done ASUS Thanks for Watching my Asus rog Phone 2 PUBG Battery Draining test By 

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