APPLE iPhone 12 is this- enough (2020)

  •     new leaks for the Apple iPhone 12 suggest it may not have the power   people wanted but I'll be sharing the details right after this. 

iPhone 12 unboxing 2021

  •  So this week there's plenty more leaks   for the Apple iPhone 12 series from a new launch date new camera info and   news that the iPhone 12 may not hold as much power as we'd hoped for before   we get started though please like the .

  • if you are a fan of Apple let me   know in the comments what version of the iPhone 12 you're looking forward   to the most but the first news of the day is about the launch of the iPhone   12 series of course with the recent outbreak the Internet has been full of   rumors of delays but this may not be the case Apple tends to launch their.

  •   flagship phones in September and 2020 is reportedly and gonna be no different   meaning in just two months we'll finally get to see them the report comes from   Wedbush in it states that the lord is still going to be in september but we.

  •    may see at least some of the iPhone 12 released later in October it seems   that Apple will be keeping to last year strategy and they'll start selling one   model straight away or delaying the other iPhone 12 in staggered releases .

  •   we expect the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 to be first it's going to be followed by the   iPhone 12 Macs the iPhone 12 pro and in the iPhone 12 pro max it will be   the last to be released despite some conflicting reports .

  • we  also have more   information that suggests the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max are   going to have three cameras and a lidar sensor meaning technically four sensors   of course that the two budget-friendly iPhone 12 are only going to have to   there are a lot of conflicts.

  •  when it comes to the knotch on the front of the   iPhone 12 as well many people are saying it's gonna be much smaller and others   are saying that it won't be changing at all I have a source who has advised that   the size is definitely gonna be reduced on the iPhone 12 but it may not be as   small as everyone has been expecting.

  •  it to be we've also had lots of conflicting   information the 120 Hertz display many advised last week that we wouldn't be   seeing it on any model of the iPhone 12 and the details mainly came from Ross   young a new anonymous source has stated that this is incorrect and we will be   seeing a promotion display on the iPhone 12 Pro in the iPhone 12 pro max we also   have this information a couple of weeks ago from reputable leaker ice Universe   and he hasn't yet changed that statement.

  •  which he normally would if things change   final news of today and something that may disappoint some iPhone 12 fans we've   had three Apple batteries certified by the Korea industrial tech lab which are   thought to be for the iPhone 12 the first battery is a capacity of 2227   milliamp hours and it's thought that this is for the iPhone 12 the second   is 2775 and this is thought to be the iPhone 12 max and finally.

  •  we have a   third battery with a capacity of 3687 and this is of course for the iPhone   12 pro max of course there's only three batteries here but given that the iPhone   12 max and the iPhone 12 pro are going to be the same size it's thought that   they'll both be using the same battery well this suggests that the pro max   will have an increased battery capacity from its predecessor it also suggests   the three smaller iPhones will have them reduced this does seem strange   given that they are of similar sizes but at the same time.

  •  it could well be   because of improved efficiencies Apple could have decided at the internal space   be better used elsewhere so don't be worried too much is there simply just   numbers Apple will have no doubt heavily tested the battery performance before   deciding on the final cell and at least if the latest reports have to be correct   then we're going to know in two months time you always tend to hold the launch   on a Tuesday and in the second week of September so my money is gonna be on   an 8th of September launch or maybe the 15th at the latest for those of you that   want more detail for all four models of . 

  • the iPhone 12 though we'll run through   the full specs of each one now for my regular viewers you guys have already   seen this so just skip to the next blog but if you're new here then hit   subscribe now and we're gonna get right into it to start with that we've got the   entry-level model of the Apple iPhone 12 and this is just gonna be called at the   iPhone 12 it's a five point four inch iPhone with an OLED super Retina display   from Samsung it's important to note straight off the bat the super retina   means absolutely nothing so don't get too caught up on that but nonetheless .

  • it's gonna be an oled display with the resolution of twenty three forty by 1080   and this gives us a 475 pixels per inch and it's got an 8 bit color depth well   there have been rumors of all models having 120 hertz displays unfortunately   it appears that this model is only going to be 60 Hertz it's gonna be equipped   with 4 gigs of ram and it's going to come with the choice of 128 or 256   storage it's got an aluminium .

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