Pubg mobile new update 0.19.0 , season 14 confirm leaks😱😱

  • PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Beta version has been releasend players can the pubg mobile ofiicoff  link as well.
  • There new version, including a new TDM mode.

  • Pubg mobile all Royal pass Rewards ?

  • 1 Royal pass rewards=butcher staber s1897 skin.
  • 2 Royal pass rewards=500RP point season 15.

  • 3 Royal pass rewards=30 UC.

  • 4 Royal pass rewards=night commanter headger.

  • 5   Royal pass rewards=speed Demon ornament

  • 6 Royal pass rewards=RP card

  • 7 Royal pass rewards=provoke ( cheer park only).

  • 8 Royal pass rewards=30uc.

  • 9 Royal pass rewards=Rose unicorn helmet

  • 10 Royal pass rewards=drop the bass -pan

  • 11 Royal pass rewards=lron Rose set

  • 12 Royal pass rewards=lron Rose headger

  • 13 Royal pass rewards=Blazing dawn plan finsh.

  • 14 Royal pass rewards=Royal pass Avatar season 14

  • 15 Royal pass rewards=drop the bass skin

  • 16 Royal pass rewards=blank comader headger

  • 17 Royal pass rewards=Avon tyrant -m416 skin.

  • 100 Royal pass rewards=avain typrant set.

The all skin images.

Pubg mobile rank update 2020

  • Pubg mobile official bet update.Pubg mobile mysterious jungle's mode update are here.Mysterious jungle's
    The players are advised to report the bugs and glitches to the official team they encounter in the beta version of the game. This will help the developers to fix these bugs and glitches before the official launch of 0.19.0.
    Pubg mobile bugs and glitches are fix and game very lovely.

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